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Karen M. Hoffman, is an actor based in New York. A resident of Harlem, she originally hails from Bayonne, NJ. Her passion for the performing arts has been a lifelong affair. When the time came for her to choose a college, she decided instead on the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It was during her time there that she crossed paths with other students who would later collaborate to establish the Academy Arts Theater Company, an off-off Broadway troupe.


This ensemble produced a range of theatrical productions catering to both adult and child audiences. Interestingly, it was the success of their weekend shows for kids that kept their artistic endeavors afloat. Karen has fond memories of jogging along the East River promenade and overhearing a little girl excitedly exclaim, “Mommy, that was the fairy godmother who just ran by.” But despite her deep-seated love for the theater, Karen faced a crossroads that eventually led her away from the stage. 


Subsequently, Karen ventured into various professional fields, working for different corporations until she pursued a master's degree in social work. The following years she dedicated to mental health care, finding immense fulfillment in assisting others without being constrained by profit margins. In 2018, as Karen prepared for retirement from a career deeply rooted in service, she contemplated her next chapter. Drawing upon her enduring love for performance and character development, she enrolled in acting classes to rediscover her passion. And indeed, her zest for acting remained as vibrant as ever. 


With an unwavering belief that service can manifest in many forms, Karen now offers her unique talents to answer the question, "Who is best suited for this role?" If you're in search of someone capable of embodying a character with charisma, depth, vulnerability, and the nonchalant demeanor of someone who has seen it all, she's your person. In essence, Karen is a master of her craft, continually refining her skills through Meisner training. 

She stands ready to be of service if the role is right.

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